Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm back again, yes praise me... FINE THEN!! DON'T!!

Anywho, I would like to bring up the topic of insults delivered by hicks. Since grade 4 I have been called a "faggot" uncountable times. It stopped being insulting far too long ago, I actually remember in grade 5 some time saying, "Wow... maybe they should get some new material"... but I think that their horrific fear of the homosexuals, may need to end... Why you ask? After all, "fags" as you mortals call them, are stereotypicallly more well groomed and hygenic than most... So you might just take it as a compliment. Another argument to these hicks is that they're so fake... very few these days actually own a horse or a cow. So one of the few people I know who actually owns a horse, is a girl living up in Edmonton... but she was listening to her "Randy Travis" CD the other... OH!... wait... No country there? She actually listens to heavy metal music. Which bring up the question, why do people who don't own a horse, wear extra tight jean, a coyboy hat, and those wacky cowboy boots when they don't even qualify as cowboys... What I'm ultimately trying to get at is that Rednecks these days are the ultimate posers... But to end this off, I'm just saying that hicks should grab some new material... like reminding themselves that they're 1337 and everyone else are n0085... You know, like all the cool kids. PS... If any hick managed to wander onto this blog I'm sorry for all the big words... like "the" and "as"... Bye!!!


Blogger kanga-maru said...

WOAH. you hick basher!!! hahahaha, I've never had to be in contact with real hicks, so I wouldn't know, but they sure sound dumb.
I'm in social right now, my social teacher is super nice, like, beyond the point of normal...he's constantly saying encouraging things and being super happy! he's awesome. hahaha.
Making a time line of french-english relations...booo.

well, ya, happy valentines day!!!:D <3

talk to ya later!

8:25 AM  
Blogger kanga-maru said...

this is exactly what I was trying to say when we were talking about religion

2:57 PM  

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