Sunday, February 19, 2006

And I was all like "Pants? what pants? We don't have any pants!!! What are you talking about?"

I was reading a blog just a second ago, when the energy drink i was rapidly consuming(But didn't seem to be helping) splashed up into my eye. Now, beverage eye splashes are a regular thing in for me, and may be for you too. But having been tired before the eye splash, as soon as my vision cleared up, I was completely awake. I'm not sure if I've found a new way of ingesting energy drinks, that will one day be used for all tired people... I'll make millions for my new way of consuming red bull and the like. It might just be the brand of energy drink, which was Joker: Mad Energy... it tasted pretty good...

As for portions to squirt in your eye, I wouldn't reccomend more than a drop or two, or else your head might explode... and we wouldn't want that... yet. But if you develop a rash, or your eye shrivels up and you become blind, or even if your eye inflates into an evil human eating messenger of doom, then you may want to discontinue use, and maybe call the doctor... you know, if your eye hasn't devoured him yet.

That's all I have to say except that if you do insert any liquids in your eye, it's your own fault and I am not responsible for your gullability. Sue the company for not saying "Do not put in eye" or something lawsuits like that are mighty effective these days... like those fat people blaming McDonalds for their obesity... Anywho, check out all the links, you might find something you like, and ciao until next time!

Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm back again, yes praise me... FINE THEN!! DON'T!!

Anywho, I would like to bring up the topic of insults delivered by hicks. Since grade 4 I have been called a "faggot" uncountable times. It stopped being insulting far too long ago, I actually remember in grade 5 some time saying, "Wow... maybe they should get some new material"... but I think that their horrific fear of the homosexuals, may need to end... Why you ask? After all, "fags" as you mortals call them, are stereotypicallly more well groomed and hygenic than most... So you might just take it as a compliment. Another argument to these hicks is that they're so fake... very few these days actually own a horse or a cow. So one of the few people I know who actually owns a horse, is a girl living up in Edmonton... but she was listening to her "Randy Travis" CD the other... OH!... wait... No country there? She actually listens to heavy metal music. Which bring up the question, why do people who don't own a horse, wear extra tight jean, a coyboy hat, and those wacky cowboy boots when they don't even qualify as cowboys... What I'm ultimately trying to get at is that Rednecks these days are the ultimate posers... But to end this off, I'm just saying that hicks should grab some new material... like reminding themselves that they're 1337 and everyone else are n0085... You know, like all the cool kids. PS... If any hick managed to wander onto this blog I'm sorry for all the big words... like "the" and "as"... Bye!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Well I figured it was about time that I updated my blog, seeing as I've been leaving random unanswered promises, I shall make no more... but I will tell you I still rock. Unfortunately popcorn chicken doesn't, it sharply stopped being awesome about 30 minutes ago. Gavin and I had gone to the movie store and we returned with chips (Not that kind you limey bastard), when my mom figured we should take part in a less greasy diet(She didn't actually say that)... KFC!!! But when we got there we found that they refused to make more chicken... but Popcorn chicken was on the menu. So, Lanny and Megan the workers there at the time, were feeling generous (and lazy) and just gave us a gigantic chicken bucket full of the stuff. Seeing as my house is within walking distance it was still warm when we arrived back. My parents were going to a resturaunt and my sister was at a friends house, so Gavin and I had the popcorn chicken to ourselves... I opened the bucket and took a peice out examining it. An explosion of flavour was what i got when I ate it. Popcorn chicken HAD always been a favorite of mine, and I wasn't let down. Each peice of explosive flavour filled jucy chicken was a good as the last. But all too soon this "Popcorn Chicken" as you mortals call it, started to become hateful, we ate it almost to the point of vomiting, but the bucket was finished. We had conquered our "Everest" of Popcorn chicken and as we raised our hands in victory we felt our stomachs begin to hurt. All these sansations are gone now, but they will not be easily forgotten... Praise us!!! I think I may consider Vegetarianism.