Monday, January 02, 2006

Doom? Well that just ruined my mood, Dave you bastard.

As I open up in my blogging there is much rejoicing... mostly people who I was bothering who told me to go away, but we'll just pretend that it's you... the reader, but as while I rant I will point out that anyone may now post a comment... you don't have to try and guess my email anymore in order to speak your opinion, but yet again I will ask you to refrain from the U SUXORZ!!! LOLZ!!!!1 (or ROXORZ i suppose) but seriously, apparantly I have an Arch Nemesis named Dave... He claims that I control an army of zombies and will soon take over the world if he doesn't first, he says Hi. To access his blog (also edited by Gavin) Yeah that Dave, he's a good guy...
Well, I come stumbling into this blog with no real subject at mind... and Gavin suggested I write about death so I shall. Death, many describe it as the final frontier... wait maybe that's space, But really, is death the end? Is there a gigantic party in the sky waiting for me? Or maybe there's a gigantic Orgy of Doom and Heroin below, in hell(Which Dave believes is far more likely, since he has this theory I'm evil). That's pretty much all there is to death... What? You expected an answer? From me? Foolish mortal. Well, the mention of Heroin and Doom is a bit of a downer. So smile and be happy. flowers and love, kittens and warm mittens on boxes,with kettles and dancing, candlesticks, and rainbows... Okay that happy stuff was a Gavin break. So on the topic of random nothings, ducks are pretty cool. Quackity Quack says Mr. Duck. Mooity Moo says Mrs. Cow... do you take milk in your tea? YOU DO!?!? You prick... I'm sorry for any who are offended by this... it's 5 AM, so before you flame me, remember that my mind isn't as clear as it would be at say 3PM... Well before i offend more People I'll go away... until next time, ciao.


Blogger kannoff said...

Here's my test comment BLAGREBLEAGRE BREARG!!!!

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