Sunday, January 22, 2006

Things are looking up for the blog... anonymous people have started posting!!!

The name says it all... Sure, they were either correcting me or commenting on my over-inclusion of "Star Wars", but the point is they've landed and started laying their post shaped eggs all over the place. This blog has only had random times where it's ingenius maker decided to post out of sheer boredom, but he has decided to make the Internet a little more handicapped, 2 times a week! Mondays and Wednesdays... Maybe more, if I get bored enough, but those will be the days to look out for.

Anywho I came, for a reason, and that reason is to save the world from the horrors of Dave, everyone's favorite manic(, and his slightly sadistic sidekick Gavin( They'll come to your house, eat your food... even insult you cat. Naw, I'm just kidding, those guys are all right... I just needed a reason to show off their spiffy blogs.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Holy _____, _____ Man!

Okay, to begin I must point out that this blog can be posted on. I'm sorry if it sucks it will never stop[Insert maniacal laughter here]... underneath my post, if you search hard enough I'm quite sure you'll find the posty thinger... It's not difficult guys.

Today I'll make a top ten list of the best races/professions, of fictional characters and the reason for each choice...

#10.Mongolians - Well at least when they have that silly moustache and the funny hat... man, those old mongolians sure rocked, back before they named themselves Kyle... back in the good ole days
#9.Star Ship Pilots/Artifact Hunters - Your average, zero gravity ace in space shooting down Tie fighters, with their millenium falcon... you know who I speak of the one... and only, HAN SOLO!!! Champion of the universe, also known as Indiana Jones, stealing things that "should be put in a museum" good old Harrison Ford... Ohhhhhhh, Yeah...
#8.Werewolves - Everyone loves a good old fashioned Werewolf! This was a no brainer to go on the list, although low on the list their awesomeness is unshaken. Razor sharp teeth, matted hair... what's not to love? and that's not even counting their cuddly wuddly cuteness.
#7.Vampires - Everybodies favorite nightmare arrives on the list at number 9, if you've never had a dream of a Vampire flying through your window eating your neck, leaving you clinging to life then returning to the night, you may have something wrong with you... Hunting vampires seems to be a very awesome profession as well.
#6.Wookies - Our favorite furry little fellows... well, little isn't a good word for them... Matted fur, breath that could take out a Yak... ah, Chewbacca, you furry man.
#5.Gnomes - Everyone's favorite little bearded men... No, I speak not of Harry Potter gnomes (frankly they suck), we're talkin' the little garden guys, plastic or not they all rock... I may be murderated for not placing then higher on the list but whatever, you don't control me, Josh!!!!!
#3/#4?.Pirates - Scallywags, Buccaneers, whatever name you call them you'd better not say Landlubber... They hate that, the real question is, can they topple the power of the Ninja? Who knows... maybe post something about which deserves #3 on my list O' Doom.
#4/#3?.Ninjas - Curious little fellers aren't they, skin tight body suits are terrible on any other Male form, but when you kick ass like this who cares what you wear... as long as you wear something... The Ninja, mortal enemy to both the pirate... and the dreaded toaster... arggg...
#2.Jedi - Filling in at number 2 we have the Jedi... Wielder of the force, only would these powerhouses of greatness be able to topple the greatness of the zombie, is if you could make a wookie Jedi... even then it would be a close fight... The Jedi, are not teh suck, they are teh Rox0rz Remember that
1.Zombies - What makes these elusive beings so splendid? Why are they at the top and not the Jedi? Well, it's simple... Zombies are just so damn fun to kill... Shovel, Crobar, Chainsaw, Shotgun, Double Melonhammers... No matter what you choose they are still killable. Shwa ha! Man do they rock.

In closing, comment on either your vote for Pirate or Ninja, and I shall tally them up if they reach more than 5... oh yes, I aim my goals high!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Doom? Well that just ruined my mood, Dave you bastard.

As I open up in my blogging there is much rejoicing... mostly people who I was bothering who told me to go away, but we'll just pretend that it's you... the reader, but as while I rant I will point out that anyone may now post a comment... you don't have to try and guess my email anymore in order to speak your opinion, but yet again I will ask you to refrain from the U SUXORZ!!! LOLZ!!!!1 (or ROXORZ i suppose) but seriously, apparantly I have an Arch Nemesis named Dave... He claims that I control an army of zombies and will soon take over the world if he doesn't first, he says Hi. To access his blog (also edited by Gavin) Yeah that Dave, he's a good guy...
Well, I come stumbling into this blog with no real subject at mind... and Gavin suggested I write about death so I shall. Death, many describe it as the final frontier... wait maybe that's space, But really, is death the end? Is there a gigantic party in the sky waiting for me? Or maybe there's a gigantic Orgy of Doom and Heroin below, in hell(Which Dave believes is far more likely, since he has this theory I'm evil). That's pretty much all there is to death... What? You expected an answer? From me? Foolish mortal. Well, the mention of Heroin and Doom is a bit of a downer. So smile and be happy. flowers and love, kittens and warm mittens on boxes,with kettles and dancing, candlesticks, and rainbows... Okay that happy stuff was a Gavin break. So on the topic of random nothings, ducks are pretty cool. Quackity Quack says Mr. Duck. Mooity Moo says Mrs. Cow... do you take milk in your tea? YOU DO!?!? You prick... I'm sorry for any who are offended by this... it's 5 AM, so before you flame me, remember that my mind isn't as clear as it would be at say 3PM... Well before i offend more People I'll go away... until next time, ciao.