Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Well, this is my blog if you don't like it then SCREW YOU!!!

Well, I would first like to point how much I rock(Not all that much much)... Anywho, this is my blog and I'm a fellow named Tim, and I live in Canada, but in fear of being raped or something I will give no more information. Back on topic this is my blog, and to my understanding of blogs, you rant in a humorous manner for a while on random subjects, and my big reason today is... *Drumroll* "UNSTIRRED YOGURT!!!!!!" (For those who don't know the comings and goings of yogurt, they pretty much come in two varieties stirred and unstirred. Stirred is with the dairy product and fruit all mixed around like you're a useless prick with no spoon or skillz... and unstirred has the fruit in the bottom and the dairy product on top.) and why did I choose yogurt, you ask? Because i find stirred yogurt to be an insult to my stirring skills. It's like they're dangling a pork chop (Or for all you vegitarians out there just imagine I said carrot) in front of my face, like I can't stir my own damn yogurt it's like a slap in the face. I bet they make it with the will to make overthinkers like myself string themselves up with their chrismas lights... oh yes, Christmas Lights. I think I may write and angry letter to a dairy company staging my yogurt complaint. In closing, the yogurt companies are out to get me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you see, the reason they have pre stirred yogurts is for all the fat mess bastards who love yogurt but are hindered to a circular motion with their sausage fingers. So they simply tip the (pre-stirred) yogurt cup up, and pour it down their throats. So you see tim, the pre stirred yogurt is for the fat handicapped people that seem to be quickly overtaking the mobile population of the world today.

9:08 AM  

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